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  ClickBook MMX v13.1.5.0
ClickBook MMX v13.1.5.0

ClickBook умеет:
- автоматически вращать, уменьшать и перестраивать документы;
- разбивать документ для двухсторонней печати;
- комбинировать вывод на печать из различных приложений в один документ;
- печатать (по запросу) инструкции по сборке брошюры;
- просматривать на экране будущий документ;
- многое другое...
Работает с любым приложением Windows, экономит до 75% бумаги!

New ClickBook MMX
- Improved Compatibility - ClickBook works with XP, Vista (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).
- Improved Printer Setup - Automatic online detection and setup of most printers.
- Automatic Detection of Known Printer Issues - Detects and presents solutions for known compatibility issues.
- Improved Status - More status information available about printer duplexing, layout scaling and more on status bar.
- Updated PDF Converter - Updated the PDF Converter with improved compatibility.
- Improved Layout Editor and Organization - Layout editor is improved with ability to set paper size, quality, color and more. Layouts can be in more than one category and changes will be reflected in both categories.
- Improved Printer Compatibility - Improved compatibility with HP OfficeJet Pro and Photosmart printers.
- Improved Mini-Page Adjustments - For any layout, adjust mini-page size with positioning up/down and stretch/shrink.
- Activate/Inactivate Quick Click Printers - Make printers that do exactly what you want. Turn them on/off at will.
- Open to print some documents - Open common document types in ClickBook. (requires application support).
- View/Remove File to Layout Associations - Automatic association of documents with a layout, along with the ability to remove the association(s) at any time.
- New Keyboard Shortcuts - New keyboard shortcuts for launching ClickBook, Adding Printers and more.
- New Printer Troubleshooter - If your printer isn't printing booklets quite right, just run the troubleshooter and answer a few simple questions and the fix will be automatically applied.

• 64-Bit OS Compatible.(Vista and Windows 7)
• Image removal saves time and expensive ink.
• Reverse Printing.
• New ZINE Layout!
• Updated PDF Converter
• Improved Preview with Magnified Zoom - up to 800% and Keyboard shortcuts.
• Updated Macro Security
• Create Custom Letterhead
• Create Custom Forms to print.
• Create Custom Backgrounds to print your planner or booklet pages.NEW!
• Quick Click Printers to instantly print booklets, brochures and pdfs.
• Vista Compatible.
• Instantly e-mail PDF files to family, and friends.
• Works with any Inkjet or Laser printer.
• Hand Fed Tray - Now you can use the hand fed tray instead of the printing drawer with ClickBook.
• Convert booklets to PDFs.
• Rearrange print order of each mini-page in a booklet.
• Print multi-page Banners and Posters.
• Use 75% less paper with booklet printing!
• Walks you through double-sided printing.
• Prints 170+ different styles!
• Rotates, reduces & realigns documents automatically.
• Combine files from different applications into a single printout.
• Save time and money.
• One-click to Add or Delete a Page.
• Sample documents.
• One-click booklet printing from Microsoft Office applications.

О файле:
Активация|рег код: есть
Язык Интерфейса: English
Платформа/ОС: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Seven
Размер файла: 11.3Mb

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